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Character Origin

 Margo's sister the Ghost
Margo Deerlane and her sister Elisa Deerlane were young children when their birth father Dan Deerlane was killed by Earl Cameron in an altercation.  Earl married Elisa's mother June Deerlane and adopted Margo and her sister changing their last names to Cameron.  Elisa was Margo's older sister and they were younger than four when this happened.  Being so young they both repressed their memories of their father's murder and believed the alcoholic Earl Cameron was their birth father.   Eventually both Earl and June would be murdered by a hit-man and Elisa would become the Ghost.  
Both Margo and her older sister were born with superpowers but Margo didn't realize she had them for a very long time.   Her power is to summon the manifestations from her very tears.  These manifestations have no self awareness and are completely under the will of Margo.  They are called Tear Demons.  
Margo had a hard life and was used by the Snake and Archibald Scyth.  She later got revenge on Scyth by using her Tear Deamons.  Later she ended up having her body's spirit expelled and her body and taken over by a Shade Spirit.  Being possessed by the Shade she became Silhouette and almost killed her sister and the city of Arcadia as well.  As a lost soul Margo's soul is unable to go back and is hunted by the Incubi, Ghosthunters, Ghostkillers and Dr. Trouvaille.  These enemies who hunt , capture, experiment and devour lost souls will stop at nothing to get her.  Meanwhile her Shade controlled body is the one who created the Ghost Killers in the first place and are behind helping the other hunters as well.  The shade controlled Silhouette is unable however to summon the Tear Deamons like Margo was.

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