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Marcus Wright was a man with nothing to lose, in 2003 he sat on death row awaiting his demise. Upon a Cyberdyne Systems scientists request Marcus donates his body to "science" for the price of one kiss, he steals a kiss from the female scientist. Marcus is sentenced to death by lethal injection, his death is his last memory. The year 2018, the Human Resistance is the only force opposing Skynet and its robotic enforcers, the Terminators. While infiltrating a Skynet base John Connor and his team discover the initial plans for the T-800  as well a human prisoners. A surprise attack leaves John as the only survivor of the infiltration but from the wreckage emerges a man. John is air lifted to the Resistance headquarters but Marcus awakes in an unfamiliar landscape. He remembers his death but does not know he he has been reborn to a world he no longer recognizes. He believes himself to be only a man but he is much more than only human. His journey leads him to meet Star and Kyle Reese who bring him up to speed and he befriends. After the are captured a failed rescue attempt leads him to meet another Resistance fighter, Blair. She takes Marcus to her base, where John Connor is the commander. A magnetic mine leads to the shocking discovery that Marcus is not a man but a machine. Unaware of his "upgrades" Marcus believes himself to be only human. Blair frees him and he heads to the Skynet base where Kyle and others are being held, with his ability to enter with ease he allows John to enter and assist in the rescue and destruction of the base.   After a fight with the first T-800 ends with John was critically injured, Marcus sacrificed himself, giving his cybernetic heart to save John's life. Marcus Wright though a machine with a brain and a man's heart he became one of the greatest Human Resistance members with his heroic actions and noble sacrifice

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