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Brief History

A drug kingpin in Los Angeles, Marco Sanzionare became the unwitting target of NFL Superpro's good deeds. After months of hiring assassins to no avail, Sanzionare opted to take things into his own hands and take down the hero himself.

Donning an experimental exo-suit, Sanzionare started calling himself Sanction and went about luring SuperPro to his Arena of Death. To achieve this goal, Sanction kidnapped Phil Grayson's girlfriend, Jane Dixon, and provided explicit instructions on how to get her back.

After running the gauntlet, SuperPro saved Jane and had a final showdown with Sanction on the rooftops of Los Angeles. A quick judo move sent them both over the edge of the building, plummeting hundreds of feet to their death. SuperPro was able to grab a ledge to stop his fall, but Sanction was not so lucky. In spite of the fact that his fall was broken by an awning and his body was protected by the Sanction armor, Sanzionare sustained major injuries in the fall.


Marco Sanzionare was created by the team of Fabian Nicieza, Jose Delbo, and Mike DeCarlo.

Powers and Abilities

Without his Sanction armor, Sanzionare was not much of a fighter, preferring to use his money and underworld connections to hire assassins to do his dirty work for him. In the Sanction armor, Sanzionare possessed the ability to fly as well as superhuman strength and durability. The armor also had an advanced weapons system that included machine guns, tear gas, concussion mortars, and hooks.

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