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The Ultimate Universe is at the point of it´s demise. It's the beginning of the end or is it the end of the beginning?

Scarlet Witch´s power

When Ultimate Universe heroes find themselves in a fight with Squadron Supreme the fight is on when the Scarlet Witch finds her inside power and tries to stop the whole battle. That is the first indication of Wanda´s greater power. Cap and Iron Man talk about her great power but not much later while walking with her brother she is shot made especially to kill her. It is later noticed that the bullet was made by Stark Enterprises.

Some place else Ultimate Alpha Flight arrived and seemingly kill Iceman and now the X-Men face these strange super powered team. Beast saves Iceman but Alpha Flight arrive to take Northstar, something that Colossus isn't very happy about. Alpha Flight was under the influence of a power enhancing drug called Banshee. Taking Northstar had Colossus mad so Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Rogue and him went after Alpha Flight. Cyclops went along to prevent anything stupid from happening. The Acolytes appeared into the picture and caused the death of Northstar. Colossus and the rest of the people who went along went under Banshee drug and enhanced their powers. Dazzler could maneuver her powers to create anything, Rogue could keep the power she absorbed, Nightcrawler could teleport further, Colossus became stronger, and Cyclops could control his optic blasts and was able to fly due to his entire body being able to channel solar energy.

Someplace else the FF where taken by SHIELD into Pegasus where SHIELD kept all unexplained objects that have been found around the world. Suddenly an artifact that had initially appeared when Steve Rogers became a super soldier activated.

Jean Grey had taken it into her own hands to lead the X-Men and she was driving them around pretty hard. Nightcrawler contacted her saying that they needed help from themselves because they were addicted to the power enhancer. Wolverine had figured out that he was positive to have been dosed with Banshee so he went to Peter Parker for help to sort things out. Kitty and Peter were dealing with Banshee addicts themselves when Wolverine arrived. Peter explained that Wolverine was positive because the drug was made by taking properties of him. The X-Men went after the addicted X-Men and fought it off. Jean went off for a moment while she talked to her father as Phoenix when then she fell unconscious. Logan blamed Colossus for it so he took his heart out for it.

X-Men vs Banshee Addicts

Both X-Men embark on a fight until stops it all. Everyone cools down with the exception of Cyclops who flies to the moon. During the fight Wolverine loses a leg to Colossus. show to Colossus that Northstar is OK except that he is paralyzed from the waist down. Colossus and Wolverine are fixed up by Jean who then heads to the moon after Cyclops. While Wolverine uses some of the Banshee that Colossus bought to follow it back to it's creators, Jean finds Scott who tells her that he wants to keep the power, but the Banshee begins to wear off and he starts to lose control of his optic blasts, so Jean puts his glasses back on. Descovering that it was Charles Xavier who created Banshee from Wolverine's blood (though Magneto and Moira McTaggart helped) Wolverine was then attacked by Moira's sonic sceam, but managed to fight her off and destroyed the whole facility. Quicksilver then arrived an told Moira that Magneto had newer plans for the near future.

Future X-Men

20 Years into the future a new team of X-Men, consisting of Captain America, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Rogue and a male Phoenix traveled back in time in the hopes of preventing the events of Ultimatum.

The artifact in Pegasus project was unexplainable by Reed and soon many started appearing around the world and at the same time Sue's eye's turned red explaining that they were watchers and were there to see the biggest event in their history. Using Sue as mediator the Watcher presented himself as Uatu and that the time the hive of Watchers were looking for a herald to help prevent the events that were to come.

Collected Editions

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