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Marceline and Bongo

Wild and fearless, Marceline the Vampire Queen's origin is somewhat vague and ambiguous. She is over a thousand years old, and as her title suggests a vampire queen. She is also half demon, as confirmed by her alternate Farm World self. She has been suggested as not always have been a vampire, and as a child we know that her most prized possession was a run down, slightly worn down teddy bear called Hambo given to her by Simon Petrikov known as the Ice King now. She is said to be a survivor of the great Mushroom War, a near cataclysmic event which dramatically altered the world at the time. Her relationship with her father Hunson Abadeer "King of the Nightsphere" was also strained after an incident in the past where he partook in eating her fries, and was further exacerbated when he stole her axe bass guitar. Although Marceline will often try to convey that she is evil and dark, it is much more of a pretense and act, unlike her actual father who is actually the lord of all evil. Despite her wild, scary and unpredictable nature, she is friends with Finn and Jake. She also appears to have a complicated love hate relationship with Princess Bubblegum hinting at a deeper and more complicated relationship. She often likes to jam on her custom made battle-axe bass guitar, she sustains herself on shades of the color red, as opposed to blood, and there is said to be no Vampire King, as Marceline is said to have killed him.

Marceline often puts a brave face on, and has a sassy, independent and wild personality and exuberance about, however in quieter times she has revealed a soft vulnerability and admitted to feeling as if having no friends. She is musically gifted and often likes to jam and record music. Still stoic as well Marceline is yet to be intimidated, and despite embracing her dark image and gifts, she is really much more of a trickster. Marceline also has her own band, Marceline and the Scream Queens, with her Keila as her guitarist, Bongo on drums and Guy on keyboards. They do tours and albums. Marceline also once had a pet dog named Pickles.


Marceline the Vampire Queen first appeared as a cartoon character on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. She was created by Pendleton Ward, the show creator, and voiced by Olivia Olson. Phil Rynda also contributed to the design of the character. Marcelines first appearance was in the episode Evicted released in the first season. Her first appearance in comics was under the comics publisher Boom! Studios, in the comic book Adventure Time, her appearance here penned by Ryan North with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. Creator Pendleton Ward cites her as his favorite character, owing it to her mysteriousness. In 2012 Marceline starred in her very own mini series Adventure Time: Marceline Scream Queens written by Meredith Gran.

Character Evolution

Queen Marceline

Originally created for the hit animated cartoon series Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Marceline is now considered one of the main characters not only of the show but the franchise. Out of the traditionally considered core characters, Marceline was the last to appear, and also fulfilled an antagonistic role in her first appearance. She would soon take a softer approach to the two main characters of Adventure Time Finn and Jake, shifting into more of a friend and big sister role. Adapted into the comic series of the show, Marceline has even on on to star in her own comic book mini series Adventure Time Presents: Marceline and the Scream Queens. The characters quirky mannerisms, gothic rocker girl appearance, laid back attitude and tremendous singing vocals provided by real life vocalist Olivia Olson have earned the character a loyal and cult following. Although created for what's generally considered an all ages program, there is quite a lot of controversial fan speculation about the subtext layered beneath Marceline and Princess Bubblegums friendship and its true nature. Although presented as quite mysterious and ambiguous in origin over time more has been revealed about Marcelines origin and nature, and connection with other characters, most notably the Ice King. Marceline creator Pendleton Ward attempting to give Marceline depth and complexity conscious of her gender and common pitfall has explained in reference to Marceline "With the girl characters I just try not to — I was actually just explaining this earlier today to someone — with the female characters it’s easy to either write them as clichés or write them as the extreme opposite of those clichés. I feel like a lot of girl characters in anything usually end up being either extremely tough or extremely ditzy. There’s always some sort of extreme personality trait that they have. I like to try writing girls that feel like normal people, like normal women that you’d meet in real life. So I just try to make them have faults and strengths just like Finn and Jake have. And to not… well, I’m also trying not to over think it either. I do know that you can fall into a lot of traps with girl characters when you’re considering, you know, all the girl characters in the past."

Marshal Lee

Marshal Lee is a boy version of Marceline created by the ice king like his female counterpart he has issues with Prince Bubblegum and thinks himself evil but is a mean spirited trickster at best

Major Story Arcs

The Lich King

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

Marceline is playing her axe guitar at home unaware that the Lich King is free and on the loose with The Super Dangerous Bag of Holding, which he is using to capture and contain as many things as he can suck into it. He has already sucked in The Candy Kingdom and Princess Bubblegum into his bag, and he proceeds to capture Flynn and Jake, as well as the Ice King. Marceline is left last, and she puts up a good fight, throwing various items at Lich King and transforming and shapeshifting into one of her giant bat creatures before falling victim to his magical super bag, The Super Dangerous Bag of Holding. Marceline is teleported within the bag, where she ends up finding her friend Princess Bubblegum. The two are stranded on a small deserted island. Marceline swears revenge on the Lich King promising his butt will be kicked. Marceline and Bubblegum make small jokes at each others expense, before eventually working together and creating a makeshift sailboat with Marceline's winged bat form providing the sail. They eventually find Lumpy Space Princess and Ice King. Eventually they also group up with Finn and Jake, and working together they create an army of ice and sand Finn and Jakes. Princess Bubblegum lends Marceline her crown which helps her protect herself against the Lich's mind control, and Marceline is elected to go head to head with the Lich since she is the toughest. The groups combined powers are enough to overthrow the Lich King and his Super Dangerous Bag of Holding.

Pebbles and Anbaris

On one occasion as Marceline was traveling through a forest she happened to come across an enchanted magical guitar. A fiery lion like goat referring to itself as Anbaris emerged from the musical instrument, before Marceline, beckoning her to play the guitar to upon which the creature would grant Marceline any wish she would desire. Marceline is skeptical, but decides to jam on the guitar, seemingly focused on a wish she plans to make. Marceline sings about her long lost pet dog Pickles, and how he would pee on her guitar and eat her sweaters. This heartfelt song completed Anbaris begins to thank Marceline for releasing him from the instrument. He had needed someone to play the instrument in order to free him, and he had to lure people by making promises he could not keep. Furious that she would not get his wish granted Marceline transforms into a giant like shadow cat and chases after Anbaris. Anbaris flees, and is chased by an angry Marceline. He flees to a young boy who is overwhelmed by sudden happiness at having seen his pet Anbaris returned. Marceline pauses as she pays witness to a reunion between a boy and his pet. She has a change of heart, seeing such good fortune befall the two reminiscing of her own pet. Marceline plays a song with her two new companions.

Marceline and the Scream Queens

Marceline and Bubblegum

Marceline prepares to go on her first proper tour with her band Marceline and the Scream Queens. Her fellow band members, Keila, Bongo and Guy seem really excited about the prospect and although Marceline is as well, she seems a bit reluctant over how successful it might be. It doesn't help that her and Princess Bubblegum are having their typical clash of personalities and egos, with Princess Bubblegum being overly critical of Marceline's band's type of music. Princess Bubblegum accuses Marceline's band of being egomaniacal, and that rock music is shallow and only about image. Marceline initially seems to not care, as she leaves to prepare. The Scream Queens perform for the Candy Kingdom successfully. Princess Bubblegum's criticisms seem to weigh heavily on Marceline though, unaware that Princess Bubblegum had actually really enjoyed the concert. Princess Bubblegum decides to join the group's tour as a manager to help organize things for the band after tracking Marceline down after the concert. The tour starts off predictably rocky given Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's personality differences and habits, a frustrated Princess Bubblegum having to clean up after the group and make sure they are ready for interviews. Marceline finds herself meeting up with a record producer after being pushed into the arrangement by Bubblegum. However Marceline's hunger starts to bear on her and Lord Slicko, the music producers lips are unusually plump and red causing further salivation on the part of Marceline. Presumably ending the chance of being signed.

A Bad Review

While continuing on the Scream Queens land of Ooo tour, Marceline would start to have bad nightmares. While at a photo shoot she would miss reading a review of the Scream Bands music. Princess Bubblegum would try to prevent Marceline from reading the review, but could not stop it. Marceline would have a rather strong reaction to the harsh criticism presented in the review, even transforming herself rapidly and violently mirroring her mood. Bongo would try and lighten the mood by referring to the Scream Queens as only the "second corniest band in Ooo" which would further exacerbate Marcelines mood causing her to breath flame at Guy's keyboard melting it into slag. She would fly off in an emotional and angry state. Later on at their next concert Marceline would use the opportunity to vent back at the music magazine review dismissing that she didn't care. However it would seem more like a front, with an angry Marceline asserting she wouldn't need anyones approval. Marceline and the Scream Queens would next play a gig at the Sound City, a underwater location, as requested by the Ocean Princess. Around this time Marceline starts to notice that Guy and Princess Bubblegum appeared to be getting romantic. After venting her frustration out on a telecommunications tower, she would have a small argument with Princess Bubblegum, in which Bubblegum would realize that Marceline has still been reading negative reviews about herself. he two would argue some more revealing insight into each of their personalities and baring a bit of each others feelings. Their moment ended by the sudden end of the calm, something that happens when Sound City is cleared of water.


Distraught Marcy

After a successful well received concert in Sound City, the Scream Queens accompanied by Tree Trunks head to the dangerous and awe inspiring Nightosphere, Marceline father the Lord of all Evil Hunson Abadeer s realm. Princess Bubblegum asks Marceline if she is excited to play her hometown show, Marceline is just hopeful the inhabitants of the Nightsophere still like her. So far that appears to be true, with a resident informing Marceline that her father has promised not to devour the souls of any of her friends. Marceline would take her band to met her father for a meal, with Tree Trunks making and serving up some of her infamous gooey sweet pie for all to taste. Mr Abadeer would play host very warmly joking around with Bongo, before identfying Princess Bubblegum and revealing to Princess Bubblegum much to Marcelines embarrassment that his daughter spoke of Bubblegum quite often. Marceline would rush everyone out the door keen to get them away from her father, even forsaking pie. The Scream Queens would wander around the Nightosphere, with Marceline running into an old associate Tuff. For their performance in the Nightosphere, Marceline and the Screams Queens would be playing an special acoustic set. Marceline would give a very toughing performance, and the audience would respond appropriately. Hunson Abadeer would seek his daughter out after the performance to praise her performance. He would also dismiss the criticisms of various music gossip magazines pointing out they were worthless. Marceline would be horrified to realize that even the Nightosphere had such gossip styled magazines that were especially harsh and critical of her and her music. Marceline runs off distressed.

Marceline and Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum would catch up to Marceline and attempt to comfort her friend and alleviate her worries. Marceline had almost fallen off a cliff and Bubblegum would tell Marceline she was worried. Marceline would snap back with anger telling Bubblegum that she should tell Guy about her theories. Marceline would sulk into a rant about how the whole tour had been a disaster and how the entire world hates her. She had intended for the tour to change peoples lives, make people happy and content, alas. Bubblegum would take Marcelines words dismissively, asserting that the tour had changed her life, but pointing out apparently to Marceline it didn't matter. She would turn around and leave. Marceline would attempt to stop her but then withdrawal and shout at her angrily. Upset Bubblegum would prepare to leave to head back to Candy Kingdom. She would have a heart to heart talk with Guy telling him to be who he is. Marceline in the mean time would be talking to Tuff contemplating just staying in the Nightosphere. The Scream Queens would be on a low after Marceline and Bubblegums fight and Bubblegums departure with Keila trying to motivate a fussy Marceline into giving one last show, their final farewell show. During the final concert Marceline tries to compose herself, however a proud fan in the crowd would reveal his Marceline socks, causing much ruckus among the crowd who also wanted their own Marceline socks, causing the crowd to chant "Marceline Socks" loudly over and over. Marcelines human inspired and already built up anxiety is causing an imbalance and it starts to manifest itself as Marceline begins a transformation onstage into a large dragon like creature. She would shoot flame towards the audience, with her band trying to calm her down. The mysterious Guy would shape shift into a giant bear to fight the rampaging Marceline to little success. Princess Bubblegum would arrive on the scene to try and pacify her friend.

Super Guts Punch III

Video Game Marceline

Marceline swings by to catch up with Finn and Jake who are watching Blood Drive, a movie about race cars and vampires and vampire race cars. Marceline would apologize for being late, but then motivate the guys by challenging them asking if they are ready, referring to video games. Jake and Finn would get excited, and BMO would get especially excited! The four would get ready to play video games, BMO explaining that he had a special treat for the trio, a game where a prince is kidnapped by ninjas and you play as a plumber who must rescue the prince, by fighting inside his guts. Finn would be amazed to realize he was about to play Super Guts Punch III, supposedly the hardest, most fun game of all time. Jake and Finn would freeze with excitement to Marceline's curiosity. BMO would explain that they tended to do that and then tell Marceline to get ready, as he was about to teleport all of them to inside him and the game's virtual reality, reminding them to remember that if they die in the game, they die in real life and to have fun. Marceline would find herself as pixelized avatar version of herself alongside a pixel version of Finn and Jake inside Super Guts Punch III. Marceline would have 4 extra lives because she is Marceline. Being shrunk down they would be launched down the digital prince's throat, the prince looking rather similar to a certain Prince Gumball. Finn and Jake would almost die by a fall into acid if not for Marcelines saving them and carrying them to safety. Marceline would find the first boss cute and hug it before Jake would attack it killing it. The trio would go on a monster killing level scoring play-through of the first level. There would be an underground level, sea level, pyramid level, race level among others before Marceline, Finn and Jake would get to the final level. The game almost seemed to easier though, and Marceline would kill the boss with just one hit. By that point she has also accumulated 99 extra lives. The game would glitch and Marceline would see the coding spelling out the name Ewlbo, the Software Wizard. They would manifest into reality and ask BMO about the very strange experiences within the game. Then ask him who Ewlbo was? BMO would act very oddly though and dismiss their concerns.

BMO is Creepy

Marceline, Finn and Jake would notice that BMO was acting much weirder and creepier than usual. BMO would assert that computers were perfect and never bust up. Then BMO would go on a bizarre tangent about how he was romancing the coffee machine. They would then witness BMO both professing his love to the coffee machine, before insulting it, and then shaking the table that it was on. Marceline would be surprised they even had a coffee maker but reassert that BMO was acting really strange. Marceline would pause and reflect musing that she had seen something similar before. Marceline would theorize that based on BMO acquiring the game Super Guts Punch III and the game glitching would all be related to his strange behavior and that BMO had a computer virus courtesy of Ewlbo.

Powers and Abilities

Marceline's Werewolf Form

Marceline the Vampire Queen is over a 1000 years old, and beyond that she seems especially powerful, even by vampire standards, with supernatural levels of strength, speed, agility, durability, resilience, healing among powers such as shapeshifting, size shifting, flight, telekinesis, levitation, pyrokinesis and invisibility. Marceline can breath fire. Her hair appears to be somewhat prehensile as well. She can also transform into an impressive array of monster forms, including those of a werewolf like create, a small bat like creature, a dragon, a giant bat like creature, a giant, a reptilian creature, and an amorphous jet black like creature with tentacles. Marceline does not need to feed on blood like most traditional vampires, instead she is more open to choice as just anything a shade of red will revitalize her. This includes organic and inorganic objects, possibly even abstract objects. Marceline often appears to alter her form subconsciously when particularly emotional, growing and taking more of a supernatural form. Considerably powerful in his own right, the Ice King was quite easily intimidated by Marceline when the two confronted.

She is very skilled and adapt with a battle-axe bass guitar, and is a gifted singer. Marceline is ambidextrous. As with many of the other vampires in Adventure Time, Marceline is vulnerable to direct sunlight, but she usually circumvents this weakness by wearing large hats and otherwise covering up adequately. Marceline also possesses a really wickedly cool laugh. Although not strictly a power it should be mentioned. Another interesting note is that ghosts may be immune to some of her powers, due to power interactions between vampires and ghosts.

Other Media

Adventure Time (2010)


Vampire Queen

Marceline makes an unexpected return to her former home, a treehouse which is where Finn and Jake now reside. Aggressively to the point but with an indulgent air of authority and fear about her, she evicts both Finn and Jake reasserting her possession of the treehouse. Not before telling them of her adventures in Ooo, including riding enormous Giant Goldfish and acquiring Nut Creatures. After Finn and Jake move into a cave after deciding it was best not to challenge Marceline, she arrives and reveals that the cave is her property as well. After a small fight, Marceline unexpectedly becomes more affectionate, warm and friendly, saying she enjoyed and was amused by Finn and Jake. She gives the treehouse back to them both as a gift and sets up residence in the cave.

Marceline's Closet

Marceline invites Finn and Jake to her house for a jam session, with express orders for them to not enter her house until she gets there. During a game of Cloud Hunt however Jake decides to hide in Marcelines house, much to the panic and terror of Finn. Entering to get Jake to leave both are trapped in Marcelines house and subsequently her closet when she arrives. Assuming she is alone, Marceline goes about her usual daily activities as we get a glimpse into her life. As Finn and Jake try to leave her house without her noticing, they are caught. Marceline is to their surprise not that bothered at all by their intrusion also revealing that she often hides in their house as well, creating a slight sense of paranoia with Finn and Jake.

What Was Missing


A powerful Door Lord, with the ability to teleport via the act of opening random doors to other locations steals items from Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum. With BMO and Marceline in tow the group find the hiding spot of the Door Lord. They are barred entry by a magical door that can only be unlocked though music. After an emotional argument with Princess Bubble Gun Marceline with her Axe Guitar sing and play their way to opening the door with a powerful and emotionally charged song. Failing to finish the song the door fails to unlock completely, until later on when the entire group plays together. It is then revealed that the Door Lord had not stolen anything from Marceline and that Princess Bubble Gum's missing item was a t-shirt Marceline had given her, something she seemed to have great sentimental value towards.

Memory of a Memory

When a mysterious and strange Rag Wizard appeal to Finn and Jake that Marceline needs their help, they are only to quick and willing to aid their vampiric friend. Going into her subconscious to help her retrieve a memory that according to the Rag Wizard will allow her to wake up from a deep slumber. Here in her subconscious they find a child Marceline among other memories, including that of Marcelines ex boyfriend Ash. When back to reality, the Rag Wizard reveals his deception, demonstrating that he was Ash, Marcelines former partner she had broken up with. He had actually tricked Finn and Jake into removing Marceline's memory of having broke up with him. Ash and a freshly awoken Marceline depart. Finn and Jake however use their own memories to reveal Ash's deception to Marceline and she proceeds to attack and beat him, with Finn and Jakes minor assistance.

I Remember You

Simon and Marcy

Marceline is at home doing her thing, when the Ice King appears to her looking for her help to write a song. He requires help with lyrics so he can have a better chance at crushing it with the Princesses. Marceline is resistant to request, even off put, demanding he leave. Ice King would fumble about before ensnaring himself in wire. Finn and Jake would burst onto the scene to apprehend Ice King but Marceline would tell them its okay she was helping Ice King with his song changing her mind. Ice King would start singing as Marceline played an electric keyboard, Ice King would start breaking down in an emotional nervous break down. Tension would arise between the two, Ice King's loneliness and inability to remember and Marcelines knowledge of Ice Kings past and their history together, with Simon as her protector. Despite Ice King's insanity, Marceline would remember who he is and what he suffers and jam with him the two spending the night playing music after much emotional revelation.

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