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Moon Knight is battling Seth, who looks just like him due to him being a far-distant relative. Seth tries to drain Marc's life-force, but there is a bio-feedback that sends him out the window. Meanwhile, Frenchie talks with Sigmund, and elsewhere, Chloe trains with Vortex, Shard, and Dementia. Marc recovers, and accessing Seth's computers, discovers that one of his ShadowCouncil is a traitor. He calls a meeting with them--their last--trying to discover the traitor. After dismissing them, he discovers it was Marlene. Meanwhile, Frenchie is interrogating Agony, while Ms. Kraft visits Cruz in his padded cell. Marlene is up on her penthouse rooftop when Marc appears. She is in shock, but then Moon Knight also appears and she learns that it's Seth. They end up defeating Seth, but before they can talk, Marc disappears (called to the Infinity Crusade). Marlene is then faced with a Hellbent named Hook, who rescues Seth.

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