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A satellite falls from the sky, crashing down upon Brooklyn Heights. It's not the first to crash to Earth, and Moon Knight decides he must figure out who's behind it. With Frenchie's help, they trace the "shots" back to a man-made Caribbean island, owned by a man named Harlan Silverbird. Silverbird tricked NASA scientist Randi Moore into helping him develop a Vibranium Ray. Moon Knight shows up and is faced with Silverbird, who has a Vibranium forcefield, stopping any of Moon Knight's metal weaponry from making contact. Randi explains that Silverbird is only stalling him as the sequence is automated. Moon Knight then decides to bring down the firing dish, fighting several armed goons on his way up. Silverbird manages to get his rocket into the air, but Moon Knight turns the cannon down onto his complex, melting the whole island in on itself. He manages to save Randi, but Silverbird goes down with the island.

(Note: With the divergent story and different artist, this is clearly a filler issue)

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