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The Hellbent is revealed!

Moon Knight works out by sparring against virtual simulations of his recent enemies, including Dr. Doom and Tombstone, but ends the session when it manifests an image of his mad brother Randall. He goes, as Marc Spector, to his control room, shutting off a signal from the Black Widow to take a call from Sheriff regarding the search for the missing Frenchie. Sheriff's report of a murder investigation gives Spector a useful lead, and he takes to the streets as Moon Knight to gather more information. During his travels, he encounters Thunderstrike who insists on escorting him to Avengers Headquarters.

Elsewhere, Frenchie is in the company of the agent of the Knights Templar, who reveals herself to be Chloe. She explains that he is crucial to the implementation of the Bloodline Agenda. The Agenda is a tactic devised to protect the order from an internal rebellion by a faction called the Hellbent.

At Avengers HQ, the team debates Moon Knight's recent activities while he sits silently. Over his cowl radio, Moon Knight finally receives the word he's been waiting for. Suddenly, the monitors displaying the Avengers' files on Moon Knight begin deleting, and when the team turn to face him, all that they see is his burning Avengers membership card.

In France, the plans of Seth the Immortal come together and he summons his Hellbent. The teleporter Network transports them to New York, where Chloe is explaining to Frenchie that his ancestry includes members of the Knights Templar, and he begins to see visions of his predecessors. Soon the Hellbent materialize and attack them. They fight back in vain, until Frenchie transforms into his ancestor, a pirate named Henri Remont, fulfilling the Bloodline Agenda. At last, Moon Knight arrives, having learned Frenchie's location through the signal he received earlier. Chloe is gravely wounded, but Moon Knight and Bloodline fight valiantly against the Hellbent. Network then attempts to teleport the two heroes, but a being called the Manx materializes and kills Network, ending the battle. Manx disappears without a trace, and Bloodline reverts to Frenchie.

Epilogue: Later, in the offices of his Phalkoncorp Building, Seth hears the report of the Hellbent's failure from team leader Murmur. Seth orders Agony to kill Murmur. He then leaves to greet his new liason, Marlene Alraune.

Prologue: The newly-restored Spector Mansion has an uninvited visitor: the one-time thief Gambit, who himself is surprised by another intruder, the Werewolf.

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