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Punisher has just shot Randall Spector. Surprising everyone but Nepthys, he rises unharmed. Punisher shoots him again, but Randall manages to fight the gun from him and shoots the roof, causing a cave in and flood. Shortly after, Randall has Marc tied up to a tree in Central Park (the same place Marc thought Randall had died previously), and tells Marc that he shot him in Egypt and left him for dead. Marc says he didn't know. As it turned out, both Marc and Randall were making their way to the Pharaoh's Tomb, but Marc arrived first and was resurrected by of Khonshu. Randall did, however, find the scroll in the tunnels as he arrived. Randall approached Khonshu after Marc and Marlene had left, but nothing happened. Back in present time, Randall cuts Marc from the tree so that they can fight. Meanwhile, Punisher wakes up underground just as the water is rising over him. He manages to swim out, but Nepthys and the Knights of the Moon are waiting for him on the surface. Marc and Randall continue to fight, and despite Randall's impenetrable skin, Marc gets the better of him. Punisher continues to chase Nepthys and her men. Marc realises he can't kill Randall, and Nepthys almost kills Marc, but Punisher shoots her. Marc picks up the scroll she was carrying and discovers he can read the hieroglyphs on it. He learns that Khonshu is not just the god of vengeance, but the god of justice.

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