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Moon Knight and Hobgoblin continue their fight from the previous issue. Marc throws a boomerang and drops a chandelier onto Hobgoblin. Frenchie and Spider-Man arrive at Spector Mansion to find all the lights going out. Hobgoblin smashes out from under the chandelier and searches for Moon Knight, who is cutting the power around the mansion, assuming it will give him an advantage in the battle. Hobgoblin soon finds him and he realises that the darkness hasn't aided him at all. Marc is hoping to help Macendale, and reaches out to him, when Frenchie and Spider-Man smash through the window. Hobgoblin scratches Marc's hand and flies away down the hall. Marc and Spidey take chase. Meanwhile, Hobgoblin is battling with himself (Macendale vs the demon) and his face literally halves down the middle. Marc jumps on his back and tries to help Macendale take control, but it doesn't work, so Spidey throws him out the window. When Marc and Spidey jump down to him, they find Macendale free of the demon. Marlene shows up and Macendale shows his true colours by throwning a pumpkin bomb at her. Marc is furious and takes chase with Spidey. Marc finds him and beats him to a pulp before Spidey pulls him off.

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