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Moon Knight interrupts a terrorist attack on Liberty Island where the terrorists are wearing costumes very similar to his own. They claim to be the "true knights of the moon". Before Moon Knight defeats them all, Ghost Rider shows up. They learn that there going to be another attack on Grand Central Station. Marc and Frenchie fly there while Ghost Rider makes his own way. At the station, Plasma is revealed to be the terrorist leader, with her own mercenaries as well as the Khonshu fanatics. By the time they arrive, police have cordoned off the entire area, so Moon Knight sneaks in through the train tunnels. Taking out cultist after cultist, he makes his way up to the terminal. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider shows up and is blasted by Plasma, who then boards a train on a deserted track. Ghost Rider returns and Moon Knight hitches a ride on his bike, chasing Plasma's train. They defeat her mercs, but struggle to defeat her. For some reason, the train is headed for a wall, so Moon Knight and Ghost Rider bail, leaving Plasma to blow up with the train.

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