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Moon Knight beats up some drug-runners in Miami to find out more info on Raposa. Raposa learns of this and also that Moon Knight was asking about his rivals, so he decides to attack them both together. Meanwhile, Number One is being questioned by the police on Ryker's Island. A guard takes him away who turns out to be Bo Ollsen. He kills Number One for leaving him to die all those years ago. The Secret Empire are running a demonstration of their newest weapon, Midnight. He proves to be uncontrollable so they subdue him and take him away. Moon Knight shows up at Raposa's rival's mansion. Before he can get any information from him, Raposa shows up with helicopters and starts shooting. Moon Knight escapes and they take chase. He manage to get to his Mooncopter and chases back. He ditches two of the three and follows the last one back to Raposa's penthouse. Moon Knight takes out the guards and goes in after Raposa. Bo Ollsen shows up, revealing that he knows Moon Knight is Spector, and wanted to offer his assistance payback for betraying him. Moon Knight takes out Raposa and drops him off to a Bosqueverde ship waiting just off the Miami coast.







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