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The Wild Pack drop Marc off by helicopter where he is taken into custody by a group of Bosqueverdeans. Marc recounts how, when he was a mercenary, he helped overthrow their government by killing the Presidente, Ricardo Dominguez, and how he grew a conscience soon after, leading to his shooting by Bushman. Meanwhile, Jeff arrives at Spector Mansion looking for Marc. He finds Marlene and Frenchie packing, preparing to leave for Bosqueverde. Marc arrives in Bosqueverde and is beaten and abused on his way to the prison. He is greeted by Dominguez's widow, Carmilla. He is thrown into a cell with some of his ex-colleagues. Jeff sees Marc mentioned in a headline of the Daily Bugle and knows that he won't be back any time soon (if at all) so decides to do something "big, outrageous, and noisy". Marc is presented with his crimes in a stadium before the people. Later, back in the cell, he fights a man who was trying to steal his food. Meanwhile, the new Presidente confesses to Carmilla that he never sought to be in charge. Marlene and Frenchie are driving through the jungle the next day run into some trouble trying to meet an old contact. Marc's trial begins...

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