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MAAPO was a scientific research company that brought back black Rhinos from extinction by breeding Indian rhinos with black rhinos DNA. The facility was later shut down when it was discovered that they were selling the specimens to zoos and animal collectors.

At Work

MAPPO was the orginazation that developed a cure for the FCN virus that was ravaging Europe and Africa. In the year 2814 Dr Kazushi Nikken started to experiment with creating Hybrids of Human and Animals. They used the bodies of kidnapped African women to carry their genetic mutations and dispose their dead bodies when they are done. MAPPO was later commissioned by the Central African Alliance to build them a workforce and an army

MAPPO indoctrinates its soldiers, from the second that they are born they are branded with the company logo and lead to believe that Dr. Nikken is their god. They are denied any concept of truth, free will or freedom. At age 7 they inject neurochips into the Elephantman that can be use to co control his feelings of aggression and hostility. The soldiers were used in the war between Africa and China for the control of the the ravaged European continent

The organization was shut down by the U.N. special army. With the help of Sahara the Elephantmen were rehabilitated and spread across the globe and Nikken was arrested.

Ebony Recaptured

A secret cells of 3 members has been trying to reinstate the Elephantmen under their control using the neurochip, they were successful in reactivating Ebony Hide and conducted a few experiments on him and released him. Since many of the Elephantmen had their chip removed MAPPO used the Simm android to find them and re-install the chip. The android was able to infect Hip Flask but they were not able to control him for long because Ebony destroyed the chip. When their hidden base was discovered there was a struggle for power one member killed the other 2 escaped to find other cells hidden across America

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