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Mao possesses the ability to switch his body with any animals as long as it's in his sight. One day while on a mission for the Syndicate, when Mao switched his body with a cats in order to spy on Suou's dad, his original body got caught in an explosion, therefore, he's never able to inhabit a human body again.. Shortly after the incident, Mao began working alongside Hei, Yin, and Huang.

Mao first appears assisting Hei on a mission for the Syndicate. His main role on the team is causing distractions, spying, and transferring data. When Hei refused his orders to kill Yin, Mao panicked and left, stating that he didn't see anything. He joined Hei after he defected from the Syndicate.

Mao later appears in Gemini of the Meteor, helping Suou escape the Contractors that were sent after her. At this point, he possessed the body of Suou's pet momonga. He played a large role in the team, often mentoring and helping Suou as well as giving her and Hei advice.

Character Evolution

Like most Contractors, Mao's main focus is self-preservation. When a teammate is in serious danger, Mao would most likely do what he has to in order to save himself. Later on, although maintaining his logical way of thinking, Mao begins caring more about his comrades. He often puts himself in harms way in order to help them.

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