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You better give up now

Marine biologist and mechanical engineer Carter Manning was vacationing with his wife on their private yacht when the couple was attacked by pirates. Manning's wife was killed, and he was tossed overboard and left for the sharks while the pirates stole his boat.

Miraculously managing to survive, Carter was eventually found by the authorities and returned home. Frustrated at their lack of progress finding the men who killed his wife, Manning decided to find justice on his own. Using his knowledge and skills, he built himself a breathing device, a paralytic stinger device and a flying cloak that resembled a manta ray's wings. Adopting the name and persona of Manta-Man, Carter than took to the sky and tracked down his would be killers than captured the pirates and brought them to justice at last.

His revenge complete, Manta-Man decided to continue the fight for justice and went home to Indianapolis to start his carreer as Manta-Man its native superhero and making himself well known in the superhero communinity as a strong deffender of the people. This would lead up to carter deciding to use his immense wealth and resources to fund a team of heroes and formed the new



Powers and Abilities

Manta-Man's powers stem entirely from the suit he created for himself. With his suit's wings, he can fly at speeds up to 18 mph. He can breathe underwater for up to 20 hours before needing to recharge, and he can fire bolts of electricity or paralytic rays to subdue his enemies. Manta-Man can also create an electrical field around himself; he uses this as a defense against enemies trying to engage him in physical combat.

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