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Manslaughter Marsdale worked as an enforcer for Madame Fang who had numerous boxers under her employ at a local New York gym. A contender named Bobby Chance was listening to stories being told by Crusher Hogan who was working as a janitor at that gym. Marsdale interrupted them and wanted to speak with Bobby because he considered not renewing his contract with Madam Fang. Marsdale told Bobby to reconsider before signing with someone else because he would hate to see his career and health in jeopardy. Marsdale pulverized a punching bag with his fists and walked away. Hogan would overhear Marsdale and Madam Fang's plan to deal with Chance as he mopped the floors outside their door. Marsdale told Hogan to keep his mouth shut or he would get seriously hurt. Hogan knew they were gonna hurt Bobby so he tried to warn his friend while he was alone in the gym. However, Marsdale and a number of his associates confronted them and told Hogan to walk away. Hogan started to walk away but he grabbed a broom and started hitting Marsdale's men. 

Mayor Story Arcs


Spidey shakes down Marsdale.

Manslaughter Marsdale

Spider-Man was in the neighborhood when he heard gunshots from the gym. Spider Man crashed through the window and saw Hogan and Chance in trouble. A fight ensued and Bobby punched Marsdale in the face but grimaced in pain. Marsdale told Bobby that he had an operation that blocked all the pain and no one could hurt him. Spider Man took on Marsdale while Bobby and Hogan took down the rest of the thugs. Spider Man would knock out Marsdale with a powerful punch and webbed him up until the authorities arrived.

Spider Man would confront Manslaughter Marsdale at the Bowery, Funzigger's Gym because he wanted answers on the whereabouts of his wife Mary Jane who has been missing for several days. Spider Man webbed Marsdale to the wall but the bruiser had no idea what he was talking about. Spider Man walked away and the other fighters had smart remarks about Marsdale's easy defeat at the hands of the wall-crawler and were no longer afraid of Madame Fang's enforcer. Marsdale broke free and the other fighters came to their senses and decided to stay with Madam Fang because they had clean towels and locker rent was cheap. Marsdale left the gym to tell Madame Fang what went down so she could put the word out on the street.

Dark Reign

Manslaughter settles an old score with Bobby Chance.

Manslaughter Marsdale currently works for the Zodiac and told the Clown that he was in a coma for a few months when Zodiac revived him. Unknown to Marsdale, Zodiac placed Manslaughter in a coma. Manslaughter has a condition called analgesia which is the inability to feel pain and the Zodiac wanted it. Zodiac performed a simple blood transfusion while Marsdale was comatose and currently possesses a valuable skill that will benefit him during his line of work. Marsdale was given the perfect opportunity to settle an old score with Bobby Chance when Red Ronin was running amok in New York City. Marsdale found Bobby at a local bar and slaughtered a number of patrons inside. Marsdale tied Bobby to a chair and proceeded to beat him senseless.

Powers & Abilities

Manslaughter Marsdale is a skilled boxer and street fighter who wears brass knuckles on each hand. Marsdale also has the inability to feel pain due to previous surgical procedures.

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