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The MxYL Timelines

In the original M25YL Timeline, Manik was a bratty and obnoxious young boy who excelled at annoying everyone as a pre-teenager. He was good friends with Skye Prower and the object of Melody Prower's crush though Manik himself had a crush on Lara-Su. Manik made a nuisance of himself when the Royal Family made its way to Angel Island and attempted to fit in with a group of girls that included not only his sister but Lara-Su as well, causing moments of conflict and embarrassment to arise. When his father went back in time to save the future, Manik was erased from existence.
In the M30YL alternate timeline, Manik and Sonia were born five years after King Shadow's regime came to an end. Manik was often babysitted alongside Sonia by Lara-Su, whom they both loved to annoy. He later became a member of an entirely new generation of Freedom Fighters after the revived King Shadow's plot to punish those who had wrong him failed miserably.

Other Timelines

In Dr. Eggman's native timeline, Manik was out walking with his parents and sister when they briefly encountered Robotnik Prime, who had been thrown into their future by E.V.E. only to be teleported to Eggman's secret space station seconds later leaving young Manik to think of Robotnik as nothing more than the bogey man. Manik was tragically killed alongside the rest of his family after Eggman rebuilt his old "Robo-Robotnik" body using a piece of The Giant Borg and nuked Mobotropolis.

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