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 Manhunter 2070 in action
Starker began as the son of Didanium miners. Space pirates jumped his father’s claim, killing his father in cold blood. The pirates kidnapped young Starker, and used him as a cabin boy. As the pirates looted across the galaxy, Starker’s hatred of them grew. Over the next few years, Starker learned how to fight hand-to-hand and with knives. When the time was right, Starker raided the armory of weapons, and killed the pirates that killed his father, leaving all the other pirates alive. Starker brought the others in to the nearest space security patrol station, collection the two million credit reward on the pirates. Starker took the money and outfitted himself to become a freelance bounty hunter, whom many called Manhunter 2070.


Manhunter 2070 was created by Mike Sekowsky, a staple at DC Comics, and was given a tryout in DC’s Showcase series. Sekowsky designed Manhunter 2070 to be a futuristic blending of Star Trek and James Bond. Sekowsky handled both the writing and the artist chores in Manhunter 2070’s debut story. Manhunter 2070 debuted in Showcase #91, published June 1970. Like other Showcase tests, Manhunter 2070 would get a three-issue tryout, and if fan response was positive, he would segue to his own ongoing series. Unfortunately, DC Comics was cutting back on issues, and Showcase was canceled at the end of his three-issue trial. With the exception of a cameo in the pages of Showcase #100, Manhunter 2070 would never see the light of day again.

Character Evolution

Once becoming Manhunter 2070, Starker performed many missions for their reward. Known missions involve capturing three escaped criminals from the Deimos Maximum Security Prison, rescuing Milton Wallen from the planet Zoltan, and breaking up a slave ring of talent hunters. Manhunter 2070 was also spotted during a temporal anomaly that threatened Earth, until it was stopped by the Justice League and other heroes of Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Manhunter 2070 is a human from the year 2070, and as such has no superhuman powers. As a freelance bounty hunter, however, Starker is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and at most forms of weapons (from future technology like disintro-blasters to older weapons like two-handed swords) and armor. He can pilot a multitude of space ships, and is a very skilled gambler.

Weapons and Equipment

 Manhunter 2070 using his disinto-blaster and armor
Manhunter 2070 gained his equipment from his robot assistant Arky. In addition to space armor that allowed Starker to survive in space, Manhunter 2070 has a vast array of weapons. His weapons include a disinto-blaster, an exposi-needle gun, an electro-knife, an energy rifle, and an energy cannon. He also utilizes a one-man air sled, capable of hovering above the ground and armed with two laser cannons.
Manhunter 2070 has his base of operations in a satellite in orbit around Jupiter. His base is maintained by a floating robot named Arky. Manhunter’s satellite is home to his arsenal, as well as to a bevy of beautiful women eager to gain the Manhunter’s attention. The satellite is also the home to Starker’s flyers, various starships which allows Starker to travel interstellar distances thanks to its Bridwell Star Drive. Two known models include the S-2424 and the 730371.


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