Mangog respect thread he needs this

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First off lets start by saying who doesn't like mangog? Who could possible hate this ugly faced son of a gun. He is by far one of the top coolest characters ever made. He's freaking strong. He could almost be considered the doomsday to Thor. If Surtur wasn't alive. Anyway lets start out with the unexpected. Mangog not kicking Thors a$$ but Silver Surfers a$$ lol.

Mangog vs Silver Surfer (alternate reality)

The Avengers are nothing but insects to Mangog.

I'll post more eventually lol Hope you like what you got for now.

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Lol..look at his pink panties.

Nice Job Zee.
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Thanks lol. Guess that means more post of mangog
Mangog wages war on Asgard and all who stand in his way in an attempt to get to the Odinsword.Vengeance for Odin destroying his entire race.A race Odin eventually brings back to life,after defeating the Mangog.Except for Odin,no one really does much that's effective against him here.  Thors hammer hits fell like gnats to him people. Thats pretty amazing

Look at this who the hell can punch Thors hammer right back at him??

He shatters a moutain effortlessly. Nobody in the history of comics has done that.

One mere smack knocks and entire army back.

Not a thousand thunder gods could stop him

The strongest weapon every is brought out to take mangog down. Part two soon to come if you really want it.

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bump for geraldthesloth thread

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fix broke thread

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@.Mistress Redhead.:  what was broken about it?

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