Mangog is freaking vicious

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Hes is so damn strong. I don't think anybody is as strong as this dude besides 45 million ft long warlock, or perhaps Walker the death god. The thing is I don't think people understand this guys strength.

Its like This hes made off of hate,fear, if he can change bodies worship to. Thats like being made of walker, lurking unknown and the new versions of Asgard people being dependent on worship. This is from and entire galaxy.

This would mean there are 200 to 400 billion solar systems in a galaxy correct?? Then depending on what planet there could be some the size of earth with 6 billion alone only on this one planet then some the size of Jupiter being made of hundreds of earths. In size that is. Then theres people living on those planets then the solar systems and finally ending at galaxies?? Mangog is freaking strong who could beat this guy in strength??

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Just saw him in a battle test on the battles forum. Dewd looks/sounds awesome.

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