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Manfred Mota is a nuclear engineer.  He supposedly has met many other incarnations of The Flash, with different aliases. He took the moniker of Atom Smasher, and wore a suit that gave him an atomic power punch and was defeated by Jay Garrick. He was quickly defeated and went to jail. When he was released he beleived Barry Allen to be Jay Garrick. He took the name Professor Fallout, and placed a neutron bomb in a statue. He was quickly defeated and went back to jail.

Obsessed with revenge Mota takes the moniker Fusionn, steals equiptment from a nuclear power plant and crafts a suit that allows him to shoot blasts of energy. He battles and unmasks

the newest Flash only to find it is Wally West and his idenity is publicly known.  Mota goes on a rampage and West throws a piece of iron into Mota's cooling tanks, melting the suit into radioactive rock. Valerie Perez, Mota's daughter is seeing Bart Allen, the latest Flash. He kidnaps her with the hekp of Inertia, Allen's clone. His plan is to use her DNA to reconstruct his body. Inertia double crooses Mota and is captured by Bart Allen

Mota returns in 2645 as living Plutonium to battle John Fox, that century's Flash. Fox sends Mota further into the future where he decays into lead.

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