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Mandelbrot is from the Suspirian race from another dimension. He and his race had to find a way to leave their planet when it was no longer habitable. They created a computer that allowed them to predict when gates would open to other dimensions. Every twenty years these gates open to the realm of Earth. This is how his race discovered Earth, but at that point in time it was not habitable by his race.
But on Earth they were able to obtain resources to build a device capable of transporting their race to another planet. However, Mandelbrot was left behind in exile because he was a serial mass-murderer.


Since that time, Madelbrot has created a massive galactic army which he rules over. He is able to predict where gates will open years in advance, making him a deadly adversary. He was first encountered by the Split-Second Squad during the last dimensional cycle.
He plans to invade the Earth and defeat it's inhabitants so he can eventually locate and destroy his race for abandoning him.

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