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Initially formed by Mandarin and Ezekiel Stane this group consisted of a number of villains and their spiritual successors recruited both voluntarily and forcibly as part of the duos plan to wage war on the world and defeat Iron Man and his allies. The group were each upgraded into cyborgs by Stane and granted new upgraded armors by the Mandarin and launched on various terrorist attacks across the world in order to strike fear into the worlds governments and humiliate Iron Man. Largely operating in pairs the group launched many attacks under Mandarins direction including destroying the Three Gorges dam in China, freezing Dubai's entire fresh water supply and most notably were believed to have killed James Rhodes in battle. As well as these tasks the group was tasked with obtain resources used in the construction of the titanomechs. Following Mandarins down fall at the hands of defectors Ezekiel Stane, Blizzard, Whirlwind and Living Laser alongside their archenemy Iron man, the group largely went their separate ways only occasionally working together when the situation requires it.

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