What is more powerful?

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The Lantern Ring's by far.

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Yeah, the lantern ring is more powerful by far. 
The Mandarin is kinda like Wonder Woman, his weapons are decently powerful, but he's dangerous mainly because he can Chi amp his body to the point of surviving Iron Man attacks, and smashing Iron Man's armor with karate-chops and kicks and whathaveyou.
 The rings mostly allow him to do middling stuff like create a bunch of psionic illusions. He then charges in and kicks Iron Man in the nuts while Iron Man is fighting things that aren't there. Basically, the rings are pepper-spray, blinding the other guy. It's Mandarin's Chi powers that make him truly dangerous.

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@Tem Borjigin:
um........wonder woman is as strong as superman!........
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Lantern easy...............
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madrian does have rings that allows him to disintegrate matter as well as mentally control people. that out does the lanterns ring power

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