In your opinion is mandarin a Tech Villain or a magic Villain?

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He's neither. Fundamentally he's an opportunistic predator. The kind of person who will steal a bit of tech there, con an old man on a mountain into teaching him Chi tricks here, steal an ancient scroll from a tomb there, and so forth. He's a Frankenstien monster of various paths of power.

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He falls into the that same dodgy category as Abra Kadabra and Mxyzptlk.

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I'd say he is an intellectual villain. more than either of the two options listed.

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Of the two, he's relied more heavily and predominantly on technology. I think he doesn't even necessarily see them as any different, whereas magic is just a science, a fairly
established reasoning in the Marvel Universe anyways.

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Well originally his rings themselves were established as magic, setting up a nice dichotomy of magic vs technology. Later they retconned it that it was Malkun technology from Fin Fang Foom's ship. 
But his last really grand scale plan involved using an object of vaguely mystical origin called the Heart of Darkness to knock out Earth's technology. But of late he's turned to more tech based pursuits.  
Such as his attempted release of the Extremis virus in aerosol form. 
So I have to agree with Tem on this one. He seems to have hit the nail on the head.

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He's an architect. I have always seen Mandy as more of a tech villain, just unique in the way he is not strictly tech like his No. # 1. antagonist Iron Man, because a lot of times he prefers not to use it all the time because he's a high level martial artist. His rings are alien tech with magical elements, but they're still tech, and he's spent years learning all about the alien science for its usage.

He ranks insanely high in genius I.Q., as he's the only human who is the most expert on Fin Fang Foom's race's and owned his own starbase, castles in China, and ran the Prometheus weapons company.

He seems to be particularly good at designing assault weapons and security devices. He designed a high tech Interceptor Ray during the Vietnam War.

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