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  Coming from the 30th century 's Legion of Superheroes timeline Mandalla, named Tari, is the daughter of female inmate Suni Wahlmunn, of the prison world Takron-Galtos. Tari was hence born while her mother was serving a sentence for embezzlement, Wahlmunn was than giving the right to raise her within the prison planet until the child grew to the age of fourteen.  The young child grew up discovering the sterile  and highly controlled existence, her developing mental powers started manifesting. When Tari turned the age of fourteen she was transferred to a private school on Wahlmunn's homeworld of Earth. Tari's mother never revealed her father's identity, but from the powers that Tari exhibits, he could be Titanian. Tari can project a thought sphere to engulf her target, causing hallucinatory, distorting effects by interfereing with one's bio-electrical system. Ashamed of her mother's past, Tari wanted to free herself from the stigma of being born on a

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