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The Manbreaker was originally forged in Asgard along with Mjolnir and was given to Skirn, who was considered the Breaker of Men. As no male warrior could compete against her except for Greithoth, who later became her husband and soldier to the Serpent, Cul. Following the original defeat of the Serpent, Skirn along with the rest of the Worthy were imprisoned inside their hammers and hidden in the dark reaches of Asgard. Centuries later when the Serpent was freed again, the Manbreaker crashed in South Africa and took possession of Titania, making her the new Skirn.

After reunited with her husand (who was ironically the Absorbing Man). Skirn and Greithoth attacked the Avengers Academy until they were defeated following the death of the Serpent at the hands of Thor. The Manbreaker was picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. and placed in the Raft under guard by Luke Cage and the Thunderbolts. It was revealed that Titania still had a connection with the hammer and knowing that Crossbones would come for it, which he did. After he and his men defeated Luke Cage and the Thunderbolts they made off with the hammer.

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