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An antediluvian god named Evenor has transformed Ellen Brandt into a water-breather and brought her to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Evenor has something vital for her to learn.

In the Florida swamps, Howard the Duck tries to move the desiccated mass of vegetation that was, until a short time before, the Man-Thing. He is confronted by Namor the Sub-Mariner, who has come to seek out the Man-Thing in response to a call by Neptune. While Namor was meditating, the sea god told him the survival of Atlantis, as well as all the worlds, depends on the aid of the swamp creature. As Howard explains how the Man-Thing 'died', the beast unexpectedly revives, thanks to the fragment from the shattered Nexus of All Realities retrieved from the Duck. Howard decides to get going while the getting is good.

The staff of K'ad Mon, lying nearby, rises and calls to the Man-Thing, who grasps it, allowing the voices of the spirits within it to speak through the creature.

Elsewhere, Mr. Termineus and Job Burke discuss the music of the spheres and Job's place in the cosmos. Termineus tells him the town of Serling where Job's biological parents Ellen and Ted Sallis (the human side of the Man-Thing) found themselves recently, was a dream created by Job. He goes on to say that Job is the latest in a lineage of such cosmic dreamers. While Job cries that he wants to go home, his adoptive parents, Jack and Gwyneth, come to believe clues to their abducted son's whereabouts lie in the Everglades where, a few weeks earlier, they had run into the Man-Thing. They soon take their leave of Brooklyn and head for Florida.

In the swamp, the staff, acting through the Man-Thing, opens a portal, through which the muck-monster and Namor pass. The staff transforms Man-Thing into a more seaworthy form, and soon the pair arrive, to the Sub-Mariner's astonishment, at the City of the Golden Gate, a legendary part of ancient Atlantis, heretofore thought to be lost forever. They are greeted by the amphibious Ellen, who tells them Evenor has brought her here to persuade them not to retrieve the Nexus fragment within the city.

She leads them into a temple, where they view the fragment mounted upon the Cloak of Cleito, the mother goddess of Atlantis. Namor wonders how the jewel which, according to legend, has always been attached to the cloak, could possibly be a piece of the recently shattered Nexus. Evenor appears and explains that the nature of the fragment is to exist outside time and space. He goes on to say the shrine must not be desecrated. The voice of the staff, however, reminds Namor that the fate of the multiverse depends on the fragments being returned to repair the Nexus. Namor makes his decision: the jewel will remain on the shrine of Cleito.

In response, the staff compels the Man-Thing to release its mystic forces, but Evenor counters the ploy by transforming the swamp creature back into a very shocked and confused Ted Sallis.

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