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Mr. Termineus converses with Job, the boy he'd abducted from his adoptive parents, Jack and Gwyneth Burke.  Job, knowing Termineus from his dreams, calmly accepts the situation, as the pair materialize in a mall where they turn toward an ice cream parlor. 
Meanwhile, in the Florida swamp, the Man-Thing and Ellen Brandt are confronted by the Cult of Entropy, who have in their clutches Howard the Duck.  Howard squirms free and implores the swamp creature to do something.  But before the Man-Thing can react, the cultists ensnare him in a coil of electric energy which constricts and slices him into chunks.  Ellen runs deeper into the swamp, carrying the staff of K'ad-Mon, until she is stopped in her tracks by an strange inhuman being. 
Later, at the cultist's camp, Howard suffers from extreme nausea, while around him the pieces of the Man-Thing lie in plastic bags.  The various piles of muck come to life, squeezing out of the bags, and join to reconstitute the creature, who then approaches Howard.  The cult leader, a severely scarred man calling himself Mahapralaya, also comes close, explaining the aims of the Cult of Entropy are to see to it that the shattered Nexus of All Realities is not repaired, so as to bring about the end of existence.  The way they intend to ensure that is to cut out the Nexus fragment that has lodged itself within Howard's body.  Then, unexpectedly, the Man-Thing begins forcing his substance down the Duck's throat.
Meanwhile, in their Brooklyn home, the Burkes report the disappearance of Job to a police detective.  When Gwyneth catches a glimpse of Job and Termineus in a mirror, she realizes that the mysterious entity has taken their son. 
Back in the swamp, Mahapralaya presides over the ritual during which he intends to slit open Howard's belly to access the Nexus fragment.  However, the Duck regurgitates the muck that coalesces in to the Man-Thing, who, now merged with the fragment, grows to gigantic proportions.  He takes up Mahapralaya in his hand, and the cult leader begins to burn.  But rather than a consuming flame, it acts as a cleansing energy.  Mahapralaya recalls the hard, soul-crushing life he's lived as the the fire renews him, making his body whole again.  Confused, but with a newfound hope, the leader and his acolytes take their leave. 
Soon, the Man-Thing shrivels into a desiccated form and lies immobile.  Howard tries to haul the lifeless swamp beast to get him some help, but doesn't get far before collapsing.  Weak from his ordeal with the Cult, Howard blacks out.  He comes to a short time later to find himself face to winged ankle with Namor the Sub-Mariner.

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