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Decent film, but not really what i was expecting.

The trailers for Man of Steel were really great, they gave audiences an idea that this new Superman film will be different and may be a deep plot driven story with a of of action to balance the plot. But to me it turned out to be more of a slugfest.

The beginning was great. Krypton had a different look from what we saw in the Richard Donner films and it focused on the fact that Superman is infact an alien. The film focuses on that more, than the other films did. It gave us a new look of Krypton and how advanced there planet was compared to ours. So i thought Krypton in the beginning was awesome.

I did not like Kevin Costner in this film at all. He was very bland in this movie and his performance didn't seem believable to me. He didn't seem like Johnathan Kent to me either. Particularly the Part where Clark saved the kids off the bus and he told him maybe he should have let him die, and the world isn't ready for a person like Clark to be around. Clark's parent's should influence him to make choices and sacrifices, i mean, he is a hero after all. Here, John Kent tells him to hide his abilities and to not reveal himself, and not be a hero. So much to the point that he died, where Clark can easily save him. They should have made John Kent alot like the way he was in Smallville. In that show John Kent was always telling Clark that he had a choice and most of the time he supported Clark on his choices. Also in that show John Kent was an "ideal" man, who cared deeply for his family and influenced Clark to be the man he becomes. I didn't see much of that in Kevin Costner's John Kent.

Also, the chemistry between Superman and Lois seemed a little forced. It felt rushed also. So the kissing scene they have didn't have much impact on me because it didn't feel like there was much building up towards that moment. It felt like that scene was put there just so Superman can get "the girl" in the end.

The villain, General Zod was over the top a few times, but he was probably one of my favorite characters in this movie. What Michael Shannon is given he works well with.

The end fight scenes are what made the film go down for me and go up for me. The action was great and i loved the cgi. But from a story aspect, its not so good. All this destruction and all these people die just so Superman can defeat Zod? thats a little insane. Superman would try his hardest to go somewhere else. In this film the whole city becomes a crater, (not literally but damn there). It annoyed me because its not in Superman's character to allow all of that to happen and just have people die around him or by his hand just so he can defeat Zod.

The film to me is a popcorn film. It has a lot of great visuals and overall it is fun to watch. Which is why i will call it decent. But for those who were looking for a good story and non bland characters, with a balanced amount of action..this film isn't for you.


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