ironfanofsteelofthunder's Man of Steel review

A Superman film to be remembered and seen multiple times!!

This movie was AWESOME. To prepare myself, I read through my copies of Earth One, Birthright, For Tomorrow, and Kingdom Come so that I would have a realistic sense of who Superman is. In my opinion, Cavill nailed it. His American accent needs some work, but hopefully he'll grow more accustomed to sounding American. Amy Adams did an OKAY job as Lois Lane. The only part I didn't like about her acting was when she's falling from the sky and she just kind of nonchalantly waves her arms and legs up and down like she's falling out of her bed. And at first, Cavill's chest hair peeking up out of the suit offended me...but then I realized it helps the character a little bit. It made him look manly, where as even with a beard, Cavill's portrayal of Supes mad Kal El seem adolescent. There should have been more character development and maybe a little less destruction, but other than those arguments, I loved EVERYTHING. Yes, he kills Zod at the end but I feel as if this whole movie was meant to justify Superman's more mature character. Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne don't like Superman because he didnt as good as he should have in stopping all that destruction and so he will be seen as responsible. And Superman doesnt kill because it broke his heart to kill. Go see it...multiple times. You wont regret it.


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