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Thank God, Superman was finally done right

Going into Man of Steel all I kept thinking was " Well I hope it's better than that last one they kid, with the island made out of kryptonite and superman being a baby daddy and for a superman movie it lacking in showing one of the greatest comic superheroes off in what he can do. Well Man of steel was a breath of fresh air and a great revamp of the character for the modern day. the story was well done and the special effects were awesome. it brought one of my favorite superheroes to life. the only problem i had with the movie was the actress who played louis lane, smh since when is louis a red head and can they please get someone with more sass for the role and black hair or brown. the other thing that i wasn't complaining about but noticed was the amount of destruction superman fighting the villians was causing but then again in the film he is new to the whole hero thing. but the action was awesome. i just hope the future ultimately ends with doomsday. MOS so far is the best superhero movie of this year unless you count Django...


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