krspacet's Man of Steel review

DC's stand in for 2013's Hero Film

2013 continues the Hero Wars between movie studios.

Iron man 3, Man of Steel and the Wolverine all give decent tellings (the last two being vast improvements on earlier ones), though it is really a war between Iron Man and Man of Steel.

Iron Man 3, I admit, probably did better story wise, and sales wise, but for a debuting hero who did not have a perfect casted person like Downey to play him, Man of Steel does a good job.

It sets foundations for a world where Superman and Batman can exist via cameos. It hints at Lex, fleshes out Superman and manages to have a modern feel with classic tastes.

The consequences of the film will be felt in the sequel.

And I loved General Stabler myself. I got a kick out of it at least

All that remains to see is if Man of Steel 2, Batman vs Superman/ Superman vs Batman can keep the memento going. After all, even if this film could not get Iron Man's brilliance to start a universe, it is better than quite a few Marvel Cinematic movies...

Take a guess which two I mean -->

Neet, I made an arrow

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review, glad you enjoyed the film.

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