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I wish there were zero stars

First off, if the "newest" thing is comics, comic->movies is to do "darker", "edgier" versions I guess I just don't get the appeal. Superman is a "all american" boyscout; he doesn't kill. I can't believe anybody, who's ever read a comic or watched a movie prior, would like this "reboot" - if you can call it that. Its as if they wrote this movie and at the last minute made it about a man called clark kent, who just happens to be superman. Its full of nothing but cgi, explosions, and fast camera movements. What plotline there was, and it wasn't much to begin with, was ripped off from other source material; including other books and movies. When you actually think of what you're seeing on the bigscreen you realize it doesn't make much sense, and there are so many plot holes; Large enough to drive an 18 wheeler through! (It makes even less sense if you read the prequel comic). Its basically the worse of hollywood movies wrapped up in one bastardized version of sups. Its so awful I have newfound respect for "quest for peace", or "superman returns"...

DC, its time to do Justice League, Batman/Superman.... Or a "new superman villain", one that hasn't been in mainstream movies; brainiac for example.


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