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Finally this movie came out (in my country), I can't describe how eagerly I've been waiting for this. So my expectations were really high. Was the movie disappointing? No, it was exactly what I hoped for. It told a story that was unexpected but respectful to the comic books. Henry Cavill did amazing job as Superman, you can't compare him to Christopher Reeve like some people do. This movie shows a very modern version of Superman that Henry is perfect for. Amy Adams was a great Lois too, although all Lois' character's traits were not shown in this movie. Michael Shannon was great as General Zod, he wasn't as memorable as I though he was going to be, but he was still a great villain. But the character that kinda stole Zod's spotlight was his side-kick, Faora. She was the perfect villainess; she was badass, intimidating and damn gorgeous. I loved her and the movie showed really well how she enjoyed using her powers, unlike Zod. The fight scenes were INCREDIBLE. The most amazing things I've ever seen in my life! And the music was fantastic (Hans Zimmer FTW)! Even thou the acting was great, music was great and the story was great, the actions scenes kinda stole the show. But in a movie like this, it's not a bad thing! It's a Superman movie! Superman needs to be 'super', and unlike the previous movies, this showed that REALLY well! As much as I love The Dark Knight, I have to say that this is the BEST comic book movie ever! And the best movie I've seen in a while!

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Great review, totally agreed.

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