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More Action than the Avengers? Relatable Superman? Yes, Man of Steel does it all!

Man of Steel, is the first Superman movie in seven years but does it live up to the name of Superman? Lately people have been reviewing movies based on comics harshly, and previously one of the main issues people have had with Superman, is that he isn't relatable. Man of Steel isn't like any other Superman film, it gets most things right and does fantastic job of making the Man of Steel relatable. Firstly, this is an origin story, but it is told in such a way that the viewer won't be bored, as if they've seen this a million times. The movie starts off with pure chaos ( in a good way ) the viewer is tossed into the dying planet of Krypton, and in minutes Kal-El is sent off, but the origin story isn't straight forward, it is told through a series of flashbacks, and these very flashbacks make Kal-el relatable. It adds a human aspect to Superman, and does it without leaving the story to lead up to Supermans origin. In fact this was so well done, other films should borrow this method, because if you've seen an origin/backstory of a Superhero once, you've seen it a million times.

The acting was amazing, almost everyone was on par with the role they were playing, everyone with the exception of Amy Adams. Henry Cavil delivered a fantastic performance as Superman, Cavil looks the part and honestly this what a modern day Superman should look like. Russel Crow and Kevin Costner, both did good jobs of portraying Superman's fathers, and added that sympathetic feel you get for Superman. As for Lois Lane, Amy Adams didn't feel or look the part of Lois. In the comics Lois Lanes appears to be "bitchy" and along with that a damsel in distress, in Man of Steel she's just a damsel in distress falling out of the sky waiting for Superman to catch her, Adams just didn't have that spunk that makes Lois Lane.

The story was obviously great, but I'd wish they would focus a little bit more on the setting of Metropolis, it didn't look like it! Man of Steel wasn't too serious either, it had it's fair share of comic relief. Overall it was fantastic movie, that will hopefully change the regular public's mindset of Superman. There were obviously some issues with it, but it is easily overshadowed by the action, and many great things Man of Steel has to offer!


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