gordon_kelly's Man of Steel review

My Review of Superman:Man of Steel 2013 film.

When I was young I read the Action Comics of Superman and also it back up story of Congo Bill\Congorillia in Congo Africa. I stopped reading Action Comics in the year 2000.13 years ago. I came back to reading Action Comics in 2011 the DC New 52 series. The movie was awsome to watch and one of the best that I have seen in DC Movies in all the years. I know that there where some bad DC Comics movies and good ones like the reboot of the Batman Series 2005-2012. That was awsome. Man of Steel reboot was cool to watch in 3D its awsome for kids and adults to see this movie best of 2013.

The stoyline was not what I was expecting but I like it that they did it diffrent way like the Batman Begins movie they did. The film was good and more action with flashbacks like in the Action Comics. I liked it the other way where he works at Daily Planet and flys of as Superman to stop alien invaders and etc. That was the way I remember it in the comics I have read.

The ending part where we see Clark Kent goes for a job at the Daily Planet and gets hired I can tell that a sequal willl be good to see to come.

I only watch movies that are DC because DC Comics are awsome. I know that DC has done films from Superman to Batman and all the others some where good DC movies and and some where bad to see. DC Comics are doing there best in films even if there films do good or not I still watch them at the movie theaters.

People have told me that I am missing other superhero movies like Marvel movies. I do not watch Marvel movies at all because it is not my cup of tea and do not read the comics at all only DC and Vertigo I read the comics and watch the films.

I would like DC Comics to do more films from there comic book like Animal Man, Captain Atom, Dial H for Hero, Swamp Thing, Blackhawks, Sgt Rock, Booster Gold, The Green Team, TeenTitans, Sea Devils- Scuba Divers team etc.

I would give Man of Steel 5 stars as the best movie of 2013. I would watch this movie 3 times in the Summer of 2013.

I cant wait for the Justice League movie to come to theaters in 2015. That would be a good movie to see or a Teen Titans film being made.


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