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Looks pretty sweet.

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Loved it! The way alien ship landed on island and enemies taking over makes me think that's an easily call out for Justice Team! Hopefully this movie is THE Superman movie we have been asking for. Only time will tell!

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Ugh, is it June yet? I can't wait any longer!

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@reignmaker said:

@novi_homines said:

Looks friggin AWESOME!!!

However I would be more excited if I got some more acting lines from Henry Cavill. I have only heard him say one line (Its not an S..) In ALL of the trailers released so far. I'm starting to think that this might be on purpose due to his acting. That worries me slightly. He is superman, the main character, after all.

"I have so many questions. Where did I come from?"

"It's not an S. On my world it means hope."

"My father believed that if the world found out who I really was, they'd reject me. He was convinced the world wasn't ready. What do you think?"


It's Henry Cavill. The dude is already an accomplished actor. No worries here.

And if there's any doubt that this man wasn't born to play Superman, click here.

I must have forgotten the other 2 lines, due to everyone else talking so much in his trailers. I haven't seen any of his movies. I really want his performance to be good. Its about time Superman rose back to the relevance he used to be at.

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@novi_homines said:

@smashbrawler said:

I seriously need to stop watching these, because the wait is getting unbearable.

I love your avatar. Just recently bought that issue of Daredevil. And I must say that its one of my favorite issues in Waid's current run. It was just fantastic.

Yeah, Daredevil has been very good so far. And Ikari was great. In fact, my only problem with him would be that he seems too cool to be real, heh.

#56 Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie (7833 posts) - - Show Bio

Really looking forward to this!

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I'll save my judgement till after I see it.

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@bluelantern1995: Expectations couldn't be higher. I'm afraid even if this movie is amazing some people will still be disappointed once they see it.

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Year of the SUPERMAN

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I wonder if anyone will agree with me:

I hope that Christopher Nolan won't do all too much to the movie and that Zack Snyder will have his way. If Christopher Nolan was not only the producer, but also the director, I would have skipped the movie. Christopher Nolan is overrated and keeps throwing plot holes in every single one of his movies at you, especially in the Batman trilogy with the second and the third one being far worse than the first movie.

Zack Snyder all the way.

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From what we've seen so far IMO the story seems like a combination of 4 stories, i.e- Superman Birthright,secret origin,earth one and last son and if any inspiration has been taken from these stories I can't be more thrilled!!!

#65 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Tempting for the 3D but it would hurt my eyes. Nope, just 2D for me and I know I'm going to enjoy this. Is it June yet?!

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@mucklefluga said:

uuurrggghhh. Not IMAX 3D !!!

No one's forcing you.

You don't understand. I looooooooooooove IMAX, i just wish you didn't have to see it in 3D for IMAX.

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Having a hard time seeing Shannon as a serious villain. He's got that Cesar hair.

Other than that I cannot wait to see this. Who wants to help me find where they're storing the reels and get an early screening!!??

I hear ya, personally I don't think his voice is "sinister" or "deep" enough for Zod like Terrance Stamp or even Callum Blue....his is far higher pitched in comparison, but after watching Premium Rush I can see why they chose him. He plays a great villian/a-hole like character.

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Just another film to try our best to avoid in 3D. Kind of sucks to be treated as a second class citizen because of it though. Out there they had Iron Man 3 in 3D in the big theatre with the biggest screen and a non-3D version in a shabby small one.

Maybe I should be happy they had a non-3D version at all this time...

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@ssejllenrad said:

@mucklefluga said:

uuurrggghhh. Not IMAX 3D !!!

No one's forcing you.

You don't understand. I looooooooooooove IMAX, i just wish you didn't have to see it in 3D for IMAX.

Same here!

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I take it Nolan changed his tunes. In 3D?

Nolan's only a producer, he's not the final boss who decides 3D or not, I believe??

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looks AMAZING!!!

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Oh, ok. Thanks for the link. Yeah, I kinda see how 3D could work for Inception, but I'm glad that he didn't use itin the end. I enjoy the big IMAX resolution much more, for example.

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every time i'm in a comments section for any MOS trailers, all i keep seeing is Nolan, Nolan, Nolan. He did have a hand in the creative input, but he only came up with the basic story with Goyer. Goyer (solo) wrote the script and this is a ZACK SNYDER FILM, which i think is better than Nolan having it anyway. He's ready to get out of comic movies which is awesome because I'd love to see more stuff like Memento and Inception and if Snyder can do as well with this as he did with Watchmen, consider me sold.

#76 Posted by xXTrailerGODXx (7 posts) - - Show Bio Best Trailer Yet for Man Of Steel!!

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