M.O.S. Trailer Pa Kent Advices Supes To Let Kids Die Maybe? What?

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Love the trailer. Still have a bit of a hardon, its getting smaller. But since when did Jonathan advice Clark Kent to let people die if it means keeping his secret identity. I get his point, but maybe he could have phrased it more tactfully.


#2 Posted by jphulk26 (1696 posts) - - Show Bio

I´ve read some radical interpretations of Papa Kent, but that is real radical. The Kents are Supes moral compass, it makes no sense.

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Like others have said, maybe this line was edited

The job of whoever makes the trailer is to make people watch the movie, so some controversy might help. I mean, Superman movie or not, it was a powerful line that left an impact on viewers

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@jphulk26: dude it's half a sentence from a small clip in a trailer also Pa Kent has told Clark to keep his identity secret at all costs, even if it meant that others die in past comics so no, it's not out of character.

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I knew this line was going to cause some controversy. What do I think about it?

@JLDoom said:

Like others have said, maybe this line was edited

#6 Posted by 80sBaby (1361 posts) - - Show Bio

There's not enough context to really judge whether the line was OOC for Pa Kent or not. We have no way of knowing what else was said before or after.

#7 Posted by Press Oblivion (1693 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm on the fence about it but as always, I will reserve judgement until after I have seen the flick.

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@JLDoom: @Jonny_Anonymous: @SmashBrawler: @80sBaby: But come on, the editor´s smart enough and gets paid enough to know thats how it would be taken. I get it, and I get how Pa Kent could mean that, like make sure your super careful when using your abilities. But my point is, I just don´t want the disbelievers to be given any amunition.

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@jphulk26: "Haters are gonna hate." The "disbelievers" are gonna complain no matter what. If you're expecting this movie will somehow be so awesome that everyone who hates Superman will now suddenly become a fan, well good luck. :)

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Huh. I thought this thread was spam at first.

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Considering it is a trailer, i would wait until you see the context that line is used in before losing your mind

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For Superman, some decisions will be hard to make bec. sometimes whatever you do, some people will die so you can probably choose the path where less people will die. Jonathan might be thinking that Clark can save more people as an adult if Clark is able to keep his secret so some sacrifices of lives might be needed in the meantime. If child Clark is locked up by the government, Clark won't be able to help anybody when Clark is an adult. It is also possible that Jonathan only cares about his own family which is quite typical of the majority of the human species. Typical humans can also sometimes care only about the self and not even care about the family or relatives or neighbors. My own wife hates kids and does not want to have any kids. I also decided not to have kids long ago since others are already manufacturing many kids and I believe that is already too many for the long term survival of our species. I also believe, sometimes, some lives have to be sacrificed for the greater good of the human species.

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@jphulk26: wait for the full context don't jump to conclusions solely on the trailer. It sounded like thats what he was saying, but they just used a phrase in the trailer. He might have said things after it, or they might have cut out dialogue before it.

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We can only wait or see, however, if I were in Pa Kent's shoes, I might let the die at the risk of my son's secret being exposed and having him taken away to some government lab somewhere.

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@The Stegman said:

We can only wait or see, however, if I were in Pa Kent's shoes, I might let the die at the risk of my son's secret being exposed and having him taken away to some government lab somewhere.

Clearly he has powers, how would they be able to stop him from going back to the farm? Though this would but the three of them at risk.

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Maybe Pa Kent was just kidding ?

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Well look at it this way Pa Kent's primary interest is keeping his son safe, the maybe indicates that he was unsure what the situation meant for his son's safety therefore he's unsure whether Clark saving the kid was worth the potential threat to his son.

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