Man of Steel trailer

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Doesn't really inspire me in any way, it's a very bland trailer. Suppose they don't want to give much away now

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wow I had heard so many people say how awesome it was.....that was boring as poop

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That was terrible. When it was I over I literally said "That was it?". If this is what we have to look forward to I'm not so sure about this film.

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Different than the comic con one.

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One big.

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I think it's too soon to jump in and say "it's going to be terrible" but I do think back to Kevin Smith's story of how he was approached to write Superman. Darker, grittier....I'm hoping there's no mechanical spiders! I think Superman returns had the right idea in keeping it all light and bright, it's just it had a boring story. The big bad was a big rock and superman being a absent father breaking up a happy family. Just didn't sit right at all.

But I'm not going to jump to conclusions, just don't see the point of that trailer it didn't show anything or generate interest for me

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Felt the same way when I heard people cried over the comic con trailer. Unless your a huge superman fan the trailer itself isn't really anything we haven't seen from superman already.

That trailer however isn't the same one as the one from comic-con which was slightly better than this.


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