Man of Steel: Man of the Past?

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The novel It's Superman! is modern retelling of Clark's origin, /w one BIG difference:  It takes place during Superman's actual comic debut, in 1938.  And y'know what?  That's exactly what Snyder and co. should do /w the forthcoming The Man of Steel!  That era perfectly frames Clark's boyscout morality, and plays it off one of the darkest periods in American history, name the Great Depression (and since we're in the midst of the Great Recession, the framing is perfect).  Since there's no Internet, and no 25-hour news networks, Clark's chosen profession makes perfect sense, just as originally planned.  And MOST IMPORTANTLY, no Smartphones means the glasses won't look like a complete joke on film.  Clark's superspeed means no one can snap a good picture, and no imaging means no shmuck /w some rendering software can reveal Superman's secret to the world.  Clark's use of a typewriter also won't be a dead giveaway to Lois, since she, and everyone else for that matter are also using one!  Honestly, in today's world of Smartphones that let you download entire books and post pics directly to Facebook, Clark's efforts to keep his secret will look like a complete JOKE to the audience.  It will DESTROY any atmosphere the film builds, if its set in a modern-day world.

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