Anyone worried the sequel might suck?

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The news we've heard so far are just getting worse and worse! Batman being old and tired is one, and another is the fact that they're doing The Dark Knight Returns again!! I hope i'll be proven wrong though.

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What? 41 is not 'old and tired.' It's not like Ben is the same age as Clint Eastwood, he's gotten to a respectably experienced age. I've been pulling for an older Batman for a while because I really don't want some pretty boy with no acting skill to play bats.

They aren't doing TDKR, they just used that quote at the unveiling to get the fanboys excited. It's not even confirmed if it is really going to have Batman 'versus' Superman. For all we know, bats and supes could be buddy-buddy from the get go.

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Yeah it's got my expectations low.

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That's always going to be a worry for a sequel, no matter the movie.

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