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Emil Grackleflint, an evil faerie sorcerer, uses his magic to absorb Kevin Matchstick's excess magic.  Whenever Matchstick uses his magic, some of it is drained away into Emil's red ring or dome.
While he is absorbing the magic, Emil is busy creating a golem, the Man-Mountain of Dzoxk.  Dzoxk seems to be the faerie land in which Emil is residing.  He builds him out of a concrete-like material.
Eventually, Emil thinks he has enough magic to bring him to life, but it doesn't work, so he continues to absorb more.  Finally he gets enough, and the Man-Mountain arises.
Kevin, Kirby Hero, and Joe Phat invade Emil's realm, but Emil and the Man-Mountain are waiting for them.  The Man-Mountain is equipped with a giant horned helmet and a shield with an upside-down lighting bolt.  This shield contains more of Kevin's power, and he is able to hit with it like Kevin's Bat.
Man Mountain fighting Kevin
Kirby, seeing the horns, believes that he is meant to defeat him alone.  He is the avatar of the Olympian, and is trying to recreate Hercules' labors.  He believes this is the labor of the bull.  Kevin, however, doesn't think he can defeat him alone, and they argue while fighting.  They are having a hard time, because the golem is made of power just like Kevin's.  Eventually Kevin tries to blast him with the Bat's energy, but the Man-Mountain's shield just absorbs it and he becomes even stronger.  This creates even more discord between Kevin and Kirby, and while they are distracted, the Man-Mountain grabs one of his broken horns and stabs Kirby with it, killing him.
Enraged, Kevin destroys the Man-Mountain.  He then uses the Bat to resurrect Kirby, but that act overloads the Bat and destroys it.

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