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A character for Atlas Comics (part of Seaboard Periodicals) Man-Monster appeared in Tales of Evil #3 and was scheduled to appear in his own series but Atlas folded before the book came out. 
Paul Sanders, an arrogant former Olympic level swimming champion decided to show off to two female reporters from 'Women's Lib' magazine by swimming the distance to his father's oil rig however as he approaches the rig they drill unleashes a strange bacteria into the water which he absorbs and sinks under the surface.

Rescued by the reporters Paul changes into a Man-Monster and collapses; stuck under a hot shower by the reporters Paul reverted to Human. He later transformed back when the villainous Hellblazer tried to bring Paul into one of his schemes to discredit Paul's rich father, he failed and shot Paul with a laser gun trigging both Paul's transformation and a huge fire. 

Saving one of the reporters Man-Monster Paul brings her to safety only to be surrounded by cops - accompanied by his father - who are ordered to Fire! 

Increased strength and toughness, ability to breath in water, claws, enhanced agility. 

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