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Malcolm Murphy is Man-Eater

Man-Eater's true identity is Malcolm Murphy who was an archeologist that was leading an expedition in the jungles of South America when he was captured by the Genesis Coalition. Doctor Lubischt of the Genesis Coalition wanted Murphy alive for some inhumane experiments while the rest of his party was gunned down. The Coalition also captured a ferocious tiger after six tranquilizers put it down and the feline was strapped to a laboratory table right next to Malcolm Murphy. Lubischt activated a switch and Murphy changed into a human-tiger hybrid. Lubischt was transforming more men into animal hybrids to create their own super soldiers to serve the Coalition. Silver Sable and her Wild Pack would come to the jungles of South America to go after a Nazi war criminal and discover Man-Eater inside the laboratory. Raul Quentino is amazed that the humanoid tiger he freed from its cell speaks and Man-Eater tells the rest of the Wild Pack there are more subjects in the other lab and some were exposed to mind altering chemicals. Man-Eater thanks Battlestar for breaking him out of his shackles and decides to fight alongside the Wild Pack.


Man-Eater was created by Gregory Wright and Steven Butler in 1993 and first appeared in Silver Sable & The Wild Pack # 8.

The Intruders

The Intruders

Silver Sable would keep Man-Eater as part of her group and team him up with Paladin, Fin and Sandman during one of his first missions where they come into conflict with numerous doppelgangers of Viper . This initial grouping would form Silver Sable's second unit called the Intruders and their first official assignment would take place in Somalia. Silver Sable and her Wild Pack were hired to insure shipments of food and medicine make it to their destinations safely in Somalia when a group of raiders tried to hijack a food truck. Sable ordered the Wild Pack to stand down and let her new squad of the Intruders handle the situation. Sable wanted to see her new team work as a unit and was pleased the Intruders defeated the raiders with no casualties. The Intruders and the Wild Pack would come into conflict with Leecher and his Bio-Genes when they wanted to force the United States military out of Somalia. Lightbright was a Somalian rebel that was forced to fight for the Bio-Genes and had a chance for redemption when her team was defeated. Battlestar asked her to join Silver Sable International and would eventually be assigned to the Intruders.

Silver Sable had Man-Eater perform a solo assignment as a test in the deep jungle of South America. Man-Eater had to track down two terrorist that were trying to flee into the jungle after setting off explosives to cover their escape. Man-Eater caught up to the men and told them he could smell their fear. The terrified men asked Man-Eater what he was and the humanoid beast started to remember his ordeal with the Genesis Coalition and how he became to be. One man pulled a knife but Man-Eater slashed his enemy with his razor sharp claws and he fell victim to the piranhas in the water. The other man quickly surrendered and Man-Eater started to have these primal urges and he wanted to consume his foe. Man-Eater was able to control his urges and didn't want to jeopardize his status with the Intruders. Man-Eater dragged the terrorist away and brought him to Silver Sable.

Silver Sable would be hired to remove violent street gangs who were invading the affluent areas of Los Angeles so Man-Eater and the Intruders were responsible for stopping the gang violence in Beverly Hills. A female named Latisha was leading the street gangs but she was actually hired by Justin Hammer who had plans to buy out Beverly Hills once fear had driven the rich out. Hammer sent some of his super powered henchmen to Los Angeles when Silver Sable and her Wild Pack jeopardized Hammer's plans. Hammer's minions led by the Beetle attacked Sable and her Wild Pack while they were engaging a gang inside a warehouse. The Intruders arrived to help Sable and it became a three way battle when Latisha and her gangs entered the fray. Silver Sable took down Latisha and the rest of Hammer's minions retreated.

Primal Urges

Man-Eater goes wild on a mugger!!

Man-Eater started to lose control and his primal urges started to kick in. Quentino informed Silver Sable that Man-Eater left the Symkarian Embassy through a window and started to spook some folks in New York. The NYPD sent out their special strike force Code Blue to capture Man-Eater after he killed a mugger in Central Park. The couple he saved informed Code Blue that Man-Eater's attack took place near the Bow Bridge. Several members of Code Blue chased Man-Eater on motorcycles and Mad-Dog shot him with a tranquilizer. Man-Eater eluded a net trap and headed towards the zoo after he caught the scent of a female tiger in heat. Silver Sable and Battlestar reached the zoo and decided to work with Code Blue apprehend Man-Eater before he hurts any civilians. Battlestar confronts Man-Eater while he was inside the tiger compound and is forced to defend himself when Man-Eater goes wild. Man-Eater flees when Code Blue arrives and hides in a cave inside the bear compound. Silver Sable, Battlestar, Fin and Sandman enter the compound and try to reason with Man-Eater. Silver Sable would use a taser-rod to bring down Man-Eater during the commotion and take him back to the Symkarian Embassy. Man-Eater underwent numerous tests where they discover a definite chemical imbalance in his brain. Man-Eater is confused and upset because he has no idea which of his memories are real or fabricated.

The Initiative

Man-Eater is currently a member of The Garrison, the official Initiative team of Vermont.

Powers & Abilities

Claws kill!!

Man-Eater is a humanoid tiger with enhanced strength, speed, agility and senses. Man-Eater has razor sharp claws and is formidable in hand-to-hand combat. Man-Eater has enhanced senses which makes him a great tracker. Despite his humanoid form, Man-Eater is capable of human speech.

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