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Mamoru Tsuruoka has been a ninja all his life. He has recently been hire to find the person who has been secretly murdering coma patients in a Japanese hospital.


Mamoru Tsuruoka was created by Jason Aaron, and designed by Billy Tan and Jason Keith

Major Story Arcs

Back In Japan

The Hand has abducted Shingen Harada, the son of the now deceased Silver Samurai, and current leader of the Clan Yashida. Logan, Yukio and Amiko are trying to find where they would have taken him to. Logan has a lead, Mamoru Tsuruka. Mamoru has been in a coma for 5 year. This doesn't stop Logan from cutting the power to the machines that are supposedly keeping Mamoru alive. Instead of dieing Mamoru sits up in bed and curses Logan.

Later on the roof top Logan and Mamoru stand each holding swords,seemly motionless for a least 15, a fact that Amiko points out. Then suddenly Mamoru drops his sword in surprise. The two were battling in their minds and for the first time Logan won. Now out of respect Mamoru explains to Logan he was pretending to be in a coma, for 5 years to catch a murderer who preyed on coma patients.

Logan promises to help Mamoru catch the killer if Mamoru would tell him where the Hand would be hiding. Mamoru tells Logan the clan likes to hide in caves, but none more then The Yoshimi Hyakuana Tombs. Logan bows to his friend and Mamoru leaves him with the parting words. The Hand is a more rats then Ninja...But even a rats can be dangerous.

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