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As children growing up in Australia, Baran Flinders and his sister Selinda received nothing but mockery as their unique abilities developed, she could transmute elements, while he exhibited terrifying strength. The world-renowned scientist Dr. Helga Jace taught them how to control their talents, whereupon they created the villainous identities of Mammoth and Shimmer and joined Doctor Light I, Gizmo, and Psimon as members of the Fearsome Five. Mammoth has clashed with the Teen Titans and Superman, both with the Fearsome Five and on his own. Devoted to his sister, Mammoth suffered deep psychological trauma when Psimon killed her. With the help of Doctor Sivana, however she was resurrected and the Fearsome Five reunited. Mammoth joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Supervillains along with Psimon, Shimmer, and Jinx.

Mammoth is seen in multiple issues of Salvation Run on Team Joker, from getting in an argument with Ibac to punching Martian Manhunter in the face.

Mammoth has a run in with Bane, Scandal, Deadshot and Ragdoll when they broke into Alcatraz trying to free Tarantula. They battled with Mammoth with little success and ended up enraging him even more. Scandal finally puts him down by remotely piloting Black Manta's ship through the wall and ramming him.


Baran is immeasurably strong and is partially invulnerable. He appears quicker than his considerable bulk would imply but lacks any developed skills as a hand-to-hand combatant.

Baran's durability has been shown to fluctuate through the years, at one point Wonder Girl and Starfire could not physically harm Baran with some of their best attacks, and at other points he's been able to be physically harmed by Bane.

Also, Baran appears to be emotionally underdeveloped and has a very strong attachment to his sister. He can become uncontrollable if separated from Selinda.


Height: 6'5"

Weight: 300 lbs.

Hair: Red or dirty blond

Eyes: Blue, Green

In Other Media

Teen Titans

Mammoth in Teen Titans.

Mammoth appears in the Teen Titans series and is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. He first appearance in "Final Exam" as one of the graduate student at the H.I.V.E. Academy along with Jinx and Gimzo employed by Deathstroke, to destroy the Teen Titans. The three criminals took over Titans Tower, but were ultimately defeated by the Titans. In "Deception" when Cyborg infiltrated the H.I.V.E. Academy as a villainous student named Stone, unknowingly, Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx - the latter more intensely - befriended Cyborg, though this was broken up when Cyborg's true identity was revealed . Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth and other Hive Academy students, later formed the group known as the H.I.V.E. Five in "Mother Mae-Eye". The team fight against the Titans, who was under the influence of Mother Mae-Eye and they came close to defeating the Titans but were driven off by Mother Mae-Eye. Later the Titans returned the favor by sending them Mother Mae-Eye's cursed pie, which possessed them.

Mammoth with the rest H.I.V.E. Five.

Mammoth and his former co-students were recruited by the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming Part II". In "Lightspeed" H.I.V.E. Five robbed a museum containing Egyptian artifacts, but were foiled by the young superhero Kid Flash. However, the team later succeed in capturing him. When they tried to present Kid Flash to Madame Rouge, Kid Flash escaped and the entire team ended up humiliated and scolded by Rouge. Madame Rouge went after Kid Flash herself, with Jinx also taking up pursuit. The other H.I.V.E Five members were afraid of Madame Rouge, so they decided not to take part in the mission. In "Calling All Titans" he is ordered by the Brotherhood of Evil to take out Cyborg. Instead, he knocks Cyborg into an abyss, only for Cyborg to later reemerge inside the Brotherhood's secret hideout with Kole and Gnarrk. In "Titans Together" where five Titans encounter him and three other villains hurry to watch Robin being flash-frozen. Jericho, in the body of Cinderblock, released Pantha, Más, Beast Boy and Herald. Mammoth's face is burned by Pantha's claw. During the final battle he and his H.I.V.E. Five mates were knocked unconscious by a hex from the reformed Jinx while trying to escape, and Kid Flash placed them in the Brotherhood of Evil's freezing machine, taking them out for the rest of the battle.

Young Justice

Mammoth in Young Justice.

Mammoth appears in Young Justice TV series, voiced by an uncredited Dee Bradley Baker. In "Drop Zone", he and Shimmer are working for the Cult of the Kobra , but not appearing to have any sort of special powers without a altered version of the Venom serum (which is a combination of the Venom serum and Blockbuster formula). Though he is shown to be powerful enough to easily trounce Bane and Superboy in combat, he is ultimately defeated after being electrocuted into unconsciousness by Aqualad . Mammoth reappears in issue #16 of the tie-in comic where he kidnaps an astronomer. He is pursued by Batman and Robin, but manages to escape. He later appears in the episode "Terrors" where he is shown as an inmate at Belle Reve. He acted as a bodyguard for Icicle Sr. and other high ranking prisoners. He assists in a breakout attempt orchestrated by Mr. Freeze, but is defeated by the combined efforts of Superboy and Icicle Jr., and is last shown frozen to a wall. He also appears in the episode "Usual Suspects", where he ambushes the team with his sister, Riddler, and Cheshire. He is beaten into submission by Superboy using his full Kryptonian powers.

Teen Titans Go!

Mammoth appears in Teen Titans Go! as a recurring villain and member of the H.I.V.E. Five. He is also on a doge ball team and apparently weighs 1000 pounds. Mammoth is also shown to be Robin's rival because he is the biggest and strongest.

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