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In his own words, Lord Malvolio was born in England in the year 1612. His father was an offworlder, a Green Lantern from Space Sector 1634. Why his father was on Earth has never been revealed. Even less is known about Malvolio's mother, a human woman, who died in childbirth. Malvolio's father shared his knowledge with his son who, two hundred years later, killed him in his sleep and took the power ring. Malvolio believed he alone should have the power of the green flame. He travelled the stars until he found the space sector and homeworld of his father. Malvolio would later come into conflict with his father's successor, Priest, as well as the Earth Lantern Hal Jordan. Malvolio has exhibited tremendous control over Oan energy without the use of a power ring. He fought Hal Jordan and was apparently destroyed, however, this was inconclusive and Lord Malvolio remains at large.

Note: His only FULL 4 appearances were in Action Comics Weekly but he was mentioned in GL v.2 #25 and the GL Special #2

Also, though technically not cannon. There was another featured appearance of Malvolio in Christopher Priests novel Green Lantern Sleepers part 2

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