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A Wakandan from the Q'noma Valley, a tribal village of farmers and fishermen. As part of a treaty to keep peace between the many varied tribes of Wakanda, Nakia was made a member of the prestigious Dora Milaje, ceremonial brides-in-training and bodyguards to the Black Panther and King of Wakanda.


Malice was created for use in Marvel comics by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler. The characters first appearance is in Jungle Action #8.

Character Evolution

From a very young age Nakia is obsessed with her king, the Black Panther, and even goes so far as trying to kill his one time girlfriend Monica Lynne by tossing her out of a plane. In addition she throws herself into a shallow pool of water, almost dying but being saved by the Black Panther. Her desire for the Black Panther includes fantasizing about marrying him as well as sexual urges, both of which are not returned by Black Panther.

As she refuses to speak to anyone but to the Black Panther, she appears to be cold, emotionless, and uncaring towards others and the world in general, Nakia's only reason for living is to win the Black Panther's heart, willing to do anything to accomplish this goal, anything.

She becomes very close friends with another member of Dora Milaje, Okoye, showing that has the ability to care about more than just her king, but has no desire to.

Major Story Arcs

Nakia had been a loyal and brave ally of the Black Panther until a series of events set her on a course of villainy. T'Challa, under the influence of an illusion cast by Mephisto, leaned over to Nakia and began kissing her passionately, believing her to be his former girlfriend, Monica Lynne. He apologized when he came to his senses and hoped for the matter to be over, but it was at that point that Nakia fell into an intoxicating, obsessive love with her king. Later, in Wakanda, Nakia was entrusted with protecting the actual Monica Lynne during an assault on the palace. Instead, Nakia left Lynne in an aircraft to die, hoping to eliminate the woman she saw as her rival. Lynne survived and reported the treachery to the Black Panther. T'Challa expelled Nakia from the order of the Dora Milaje, a great shame to her and her tribe. Unfortunately for Nakia, she was captured and tortured by the Black Panther's old enemy Achebe, who left her hanging by a tree to die. There, Nakia was discovered by Erik Killmonger, who brainwashed her and provided her the same genetic enhancements he had the original Malice. Now armed with her training, new powers, and an increasingly warped sense of reality and justice, Malice declared herself an enemy of Black Panther. Until he submitted to her disturbingly-obsessive love, none of his friends or family would be safe.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the Dora Milaje, Malice is a highly skilled martial artist, trained to defend the king of Wakanda, the Black Panther. She is also a very profeicent pilot, and incredibly adept in the use of Wakandan weapons. After the villain Killmonger enhances her abilities, her strength and accuracy increase to superhuman levels.

She used various weapons with great skill, including a blade-firing gun and numerous poisons, including one derived from the Jufeiro Root. The most nefarious weapon in her arsenal was a small, heart-shaped pin, which was coated with a toxin from the Jufeiro root. When the pins were attached to the skin of men, she was able to turn them into love-slaves, obsessed with Nakia and willing to do anything, even kill, for her approval.

Other Versions


The original Malice displaying her skill with a spear

Little is known of the original Malice apart from her status as an operative for Erik Killmonger, and the assumption she is from Wakanda. She had been genetically enhanced by Killmonger using the Resurrection Altar, to give her superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Her weapon of choice was a spear, which she could hurl with pinpoint accuracy and remarkable force. She once threw it through a marble pillar. Another time she was able to launch it through a farmhouse.

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